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The KDS Weedless Wrecker is a 7-inch, full-bodied, hand-poured swimbait designed to present fish with a large dose or protein. Due to it’s weedless design you can fish it in the heavy cover and get it in places where the monsters are lurking.

It features an oversized slot in the belly so the hook doesn’t have to go through a bulky plastic body.

Ocean patterns are made with a much stiffer plastic that is best fished with a medium to fast retrieve. 

Fresh water patterns are made with a softer yet durable plastic in order to be able to have a slower presentation. 

Tantalizing tail movement and a subtle head and body wiggle drive fish crazy!

Custom patterns available upon request with a longer processing time.(email for details. 

For best hook clearance we recommend using a 10/0 Owner Beast hook or similar.

Price is for TWO baits 

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  • 7" Weedless Wrecker
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